The Five Rules

the Rules or Laws of Learning

Welcome to the Immutable Throne of Learning! (cc Martin Garcia)

Here’s a brief refresher of the five rules we’ll be talking a lot about in this blog. These “rules” can be thought of as the immutable Laws or forces of learning – they have such a consistent impact on learning environments and the humans in them that we ignore them at our peril:

  • Foster Aliveness to Generate Energy
  • Pursue Fluency to Expand Capacity
  • Increase Signal Strength to Initiate Action
  • Narrow Scope to Increase Proficiency
  • Design the Environment Accordingly

The Hunt Is On

We offer this blog as a companion to the book, Virtuosity: Creating High Performance in Learning Communities, by Diana Larsen and Willem Larsen.

Virtuosity refers to an approach that focuses on the love of learning, and the urge towards mastery.

Do you love “aha!” moments? Relish high performance? Thirst to learn a wide variety of skills? Then Virtuosity will offer you a rich toolbox to round at your hunger for embodying a “renaissance” person.

Willem Larsen will be blogging applications of the Virtuosity approach to his own (and others’) learning here, to flesh out the use of the tools explained in detail within the pages of the book, available online for download at LeanPub.
We hope you enjoy the  journey!